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EI Expert – Emotional Intelligence Diagnosis and Training System was created as a result of long and intensive research process. We want it to continue serving science and, as a consequence, contribute to better understanding of emotional intelligenceas it is a key ability for human functioning in multiple areas of professional and personal life.  This is why we allow to use the TIE test for research purposes free of charge. 
Fundament systemu EI Expert
If you are a researcher and wish to use the TIE test in your scientific project, please read carefully the Terms of the TIE test use for scientific purposes and fill in the below questionnaire.  


Jako plik do pobrania – Terms of the TIE test use for scientific purposes 

Using the TIE test in your research is easy! Look at the three steps of our cooperation: 

1. Once we positively evaluate your application, we will provide you with the electronic version of the TIE test.

2. After all the participants have performed the test, we will provide you with the calculated results. 

3. Within a month upon the successful scientific publication of your project’s results, you should send us a short report                                        containing the most important information regarding

                       (1) inspiration/motivation to conduct the research,

                       (2) the methodology,

                       (3) the obtained results and

                       (4) conclusions from the research.